Thursday, October 08, 2015  

Did you know that once you join the credit union you are a lifetime member? Most members join Communication Federal Credit Union through an employer or family member. The good news is that membership continues despite changes in your job, location, etc. (provided you are a member in good standing).

Credit Union membership is based upon common bonds, usually occupational but sometimes regional. In order to join CFCU, you need to be in one of the following groups:

1) Be employed by one of our select employee groups
2) Have a family member who is employed by one of our select employee groups

All of your relatives are eligible to apply for CFCU membership if you are a member. Yes, that includes your father-in-law, Bob; his cousin, Sue; and her daughter, Mary. Any family member, by blood or marriage, can apply for membership at any of our locations.

3) Live or work in Broken Arrow, OK, Carter County, OK or Pottawattamie County, OK
    (CFCU has a community charter for these areas)

Search our select employee groups page to see if your employer or that of a relative is affiliated with CFCU. If so, simply come in to one of our branches and fill out an easy membership application. You will need to make a deposit of $5 into a share account for your membership to be active.

If you are ineligible for membership, talk to your employer about offering an affiliation with a credit union as an employee benefit. If you own a business or are a senior officer at an organization that is interested in offering credit union membership as a benefit to your employees, please feel free to contact our Business Development Representative by calling 405-879-5668.


APR=Annual Percentage Rate
APY=Annual Percentage Yield
Interest begins accruing on loans from the date funds are disbursed.
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