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CU Online Resources

CU OnLine Login Page -Read Details...
The login process authenticates your identity in multiple ways:
     1. Login is a multiple step process where you enter your Account
         (Member) Number, PIN and Random Security Code.
     2. The first time you login, you will be asked to enter three challenge questions
         and corresponding answers as well as a Security Key Image.
     3. During subsequent logins, you may be asked to answer a challenge question and
         verify the Security Key Image that you select.

Other Features -Read Details...
The "User Options" tab brings you to a page where you may change the look and feel of your session, reset login information and check statistics. New features also allow you to set an alternate online banking login password and set up account "nicknames" to more easily identify your various Communication accounts.

Account Alerts -Read Details...
On the "User Options" tab, you can set up Account Alerts to notify you with real-time alerts when certain pre-configured conditions are met. Simply set up the account or transaction activity conditions that you would like the system to "tell you when the condition is met" and you will be notified immediately via e-mail or mobile e-mail.

CU OnLine Q&A -Read Details...
Find out answers to frequently asked questions regarding CU OnLine.

AlertMeTM Credit monitoring -Read Details...
Communication Federal Credit Union offers AlertMe, a credit-monitoring service designed to help members fight identity theft; which is a growing problem that affects millions of Americans. AlertMe gives early warning of activity on your credit report. Since credit report activity can be a sign of possible identity theft, early detection can help you catch problems quickly to minimize losses.


APR=Annual Percentage Rate
APY=Annual Percentage Yield
Interest begins accruing on loans from the date funds are disbursed.
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