Enjoy the Convenience of Automatic Payments

CFCU makes it easy to set up your loan for automatic payment! You can make your payment from an account with CFCU or an account with another financial institution.

Benefits of Automatic Payments

  • Convenience – You don’t have to remember to make your payment each month or take time to mail or bring your payment to the credit union.
  • Consistency – Making regular payments on time could improve your credit score.
  • Peace of Mind – With our one-time setup, you never have to worry about your payment again.

Internal Transfers

Easily transfer money from your existing account with CFCU. To set up an internal transfer, sign into online banking, select the ‘Transfers’ tab from the menu.

  • Select the account from which your payment will be made.
  • Select your loan.
  • Schedule the date of your payment.
  • Click ‘make recurring’ and your payment will be made automatically on the date you specify.

TransferNow for External Accounts

CFCU online banking allows you to transfer money to or from your personal external accounts at other financial institutions.

To set up a transfer, sign into online banking, select the ‘Transfers’ tab from online banking and then select the ‘External Account Transfer’ link to the right.

  • Add and verify your external accounts.
  • Schedule a transfer between the accounts you select.
  • View a history page to see transfer status.