Popmoney™ is our peer-to-peer payment system. This service allows you to request and send money to individuals. You even have the ability to send instant payments and customized greetings for special occasions. All you need to send money is a name and email address or phone number.

A faster, easier way to send and receive money.

  • With Popmoney, you can pay someone or be paid back simply by using your laptop. No ATMs or checks required!
  • When to use Popmoney?
    • Pay for childcare.
    • Split the dinner bill with friends.
    • Pay the little league entry fees.
    • And tons more!
  • Free and Low-Fee Features

How much does it cost?

  • Send Money (Standard Delivery) Starts at $0.75
  • Receive Money Free
  • Send Money (Rush Delivery) Starts at $1.00
  • Request Money Starts at $0.75
  • Send Money (Instant Delivery) $3.00

Popmoney™ is a great way to pay the babysitter or split the bill with someone. Access Popmoney™ on the go with the CFCU app with your smartphone or tablet.