Your Personal Finance Manager

Tracking your spending is the foundation of a solid budget. Trends, which is integrated with CFCU online banking, is an online real time budgeting tool that help you with your manage your finances. Trends allows you to set up budget categories, savings goals. Your personalized dashboard gives you a quick picture of your cash flow, net worth, budgets and savings goals. It also breaks down your spending by category to keep you on track. You can even link your home value from Zillow to keep an eye on the value of one of your largest investments.

Another great feature of Trends allows you to aggregate accounts you have with other financial sources, such as accounts with other credit unions or banks, investment firms and retirement accounts. This gives you a one-stop portal to view and manage your entire financial portfolio.

Trends is a very powerful financial tool that makes managing your money a snap! To begin using trends, simply login to CFCU online banking and click ‘Trends’ along the top menu.