Help with CFCU Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

Here you can learn how to access your personal loan or line of credit information online, schedule one-time or recurring loan payments, access your statements and documents from Communication Federal Credit Union, and link your line of credit to a checking account for overdraft protection.

Flexible Payment Options to Meet Your Needs

Online Banking Help
Pay with Online Banking (Free)

Enroll in free Online Banking to make one-time loan payments or set up automated transfers from your checking or savings account at Communication Federal Credit Union or another financial institution.

Credit Card Help
Pay with a Debit Card ($6.95 Fee)

Need to make a payment in a hurry? Our Online Payment Center allows you to make Communication Federal Credit Union loan payments securely using a Visa or MasterCard debit card for a $6.95 fee.

Schedule Automatic Payments
Schedule Automatic ACH Transfers (Free)

Download, fill out, and return our ACH Origination Form to automatically schedule your loan payment from a checking or savings account at another financial institution. You can also schedule automatic payments through Online Banking.

Home Loan Help
Make a Payment at Your Local Branch

You can also make your loan payment at any of our 22 branches located in Oklahoma and Kansas. Let our friendly staff help you with your loan payment and brighten up your day!

Payments & Statements

How can I make a loan payment?

Enrolling in free Online Banking is the fastest and easiest way to make payments for your Communication Federal Credit Union loans.

Through Online banking, you can make payments from a CFCU checking or savings account, or an existing checking or savings account at another financial institution by using the External Account Payments feature. You can also make payments via mail, over the phone, or in-person at a local branch.

Visit our Make a Loan Payment page for more details.

How can I manage automatic or scheduled loan payments?

The process for managing your automatic/scheduled payments varies depending on where you initially configured the payment.

Scheduled ACH Payments via Online Banking

For Transfers/Payments with Internal (CFCU) Accounts

From within Online Banking, click on Transfers. Scroll to Scheduled Transfers to view and modify existing scheduled transfers/payments, or create a new scheduled transfer/payment.

For Transfers/Payments with External Accounts

From within Online Banking, click on Transfers, then External Account Transfer. Click on Activity to view and modify existing transfers/payments.

Scheduled ACH Payments set up via Form, Phone, or In-Person

Please call us at 405.879.5600 or visit your local branch during normal business hours to modify or update your automatic/scheduled payment.

Scheduled Payments via Credit/Debit Card

Visit our Online Payment Center to make changes to any recurring payments you set up via credit or debit card.

What should I do if I can't make my loan payment on time?

Depending on how your loan, you may have a 10-15 day grace period, after which a late fee will be assessed. If you are unable to make your loan payment on time, please contact us.

How can I view my Loan Payoff Amount?

You can find your Loan Payoff Amount within Online Banking by going to the Loan account you wish to pay off and clicking Account Information.

Please Note: The Loan Payoff Amount is not the same as the Current Balance. The Current Balance does not account for any interest accrued or fees incurred since your last statement closing date.

How can I enroll in eStatements?

To receive your statements electronically, sign in to Online Banking and click on your account tile. Next, click the Online Statements link, which will ask you to open another window.

In the next window, you will be asked to enter your email address and mobile phone number, and accept the eStatement terms and conditions.

Where can I find my statements?

If you have enrolled in eStatements, you can find your statements within Online Banking by clicking into your account tile and clicking Online Statements.

Missing a Paper Statement?

You can also request a statement copy to be sent to you by mail from within Online Banking.

Loan Information

What is my payment amount, and when is it due?

You can view your payment amounts and due dates in Online Banking. You should have also received a letter in the mail detailing your loan information.

What is my loan's interest rate?

You can view your loan’s interest rate through Online Banking by clicking into the loan account and then clicking Account Information.

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