Flex Loan

One of CFCU’s most convenient loans is the Flex Loan. Similar to a credit card, the Flex Loan gives you access whenever you want, without having to get loan approval every time.  Apply online with our online loan application.

  • Credit limits to $10,000
  • Low variable interest rate
  • Can be used as overdraft protection
  • Minimum monthly payments will be calculated based upon the outstanding loan balance as of the previous month end as follows:
Loan Balance Payment 
$0.01 – $500.00  $50.00
$500.01 – $1,000.00  $51.00
$1,000.01 – $2,000.00 $66.00
$2,000.01 – $4,000.00  $104.00
$4,000.01 – $6,000.00 $152.00
$6,000.01 – $8,000.00 $204.00
$8,000.01 – $10,000.00 $248.00

There are three easy ways to access funds from your Flex Loan:

  • Write a check from your CFCU checking account and CFCU will pay the full amount, up to the limit of your Flex Loan
  • Request funds at the branch or call to advance funds into your checking or savings account
  • Use Starline or CU Online as a way to advance money into your checking or savings account
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