Many credit union members find that Communication Federal Credit Union share certificates are an easy, safe way to earn higher dividend rates. If you are familiar with bank CDs then just think of share certificates as the credit union equivalent.

CFCU offers certificates in terms ranging from six months to five years with a minimum investment of only $1,000.

Share certificate investments cannot be withdrawn before the maturity date without a penalty. For your convenience, CFCU will automatically renew your certificate at the current dividend rate when it matures, unless you withdraw your funds. IRA and ESA share certificates can also be established at the regular share certificate rates.*

Dividends are paid monthly on the daily balance from the date of issue. Dividend rates for new certificates can change each Tuesday.

*For information on the tax ramifications of these accounts, please consult your tax adviser.

Check Current Rates

If you’d like more information about Communication Federal Credit Union’s Share Certificates please visit your local branch or call 800.522.3535.