Credit Companion

Credit Companion is a free tool that offers personalized plans for credit improvement, providing you with an actionable path to achieve your next financial milestone.1

Because qualifying tomorrow1
starts with having a plan today.

Communication Federal Credit Union is excited to bring you a digital credit counselor that will help you take control of your credit and improve your score!

Move beyond credit monitoring and create a Credit Companion account today.

Meet Your Digital Credit Counselor

To get started, sign up for a free Credit Companion account and verify your personal information. It’s that simple!


Create a personalized plan based on your credit profile.


Follow your plan to help you improve your credit and achieve your goal.


Access the tools and resources you need to be successful.

1Credit Companion is a service of Credit Mountain. Neither Credit Mountain nor Communication Federal Credit Union can guarantee that your credit score will improve or that you will be approved for credit products in the future. The advice provided by Credit Companion’s technology might be different from the advice you would receive from a certified credit counselor. To speak with a certified credit counselor, you are encouraged to contact Communication Federal Credit Union and ask about credit counselor availability.

Enrollment is required to use Credit Companion. You do not need to be a member of Communication Federal Credit Union in order to enroll.

Credit Companion is free to enroll in and use. You will have the option to purchase services, like rent reporting, from Credit Mountain’s affiliate partners. You may also be offered an optional credit builder loan that includes interest charges (subject to availability).

For questions about Credit Companion, please email