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What Are Your $ Resolutions for 2018?

A New Year and a Fresh Start! A New Year means a new chance to set and reach your goals and resolutions, right? Make 2018 a success with a few of our top financial tips. Start a Rainy Day Fund Did you know that the majority of Americans don’t have enough money in their savings…

New Year's Money Resolutions

5 Things: Black Friday Shopping

We’re just a few days away from Black Friday, a day where eager shoppers line up, sometimes even camp out, hours ahead of time in an attempt to save money on their Christmas purchases. Many retailers open shop on Thursday evening and feature many of the hottest electronics, DVDs, video games and more on sale.…

Black Friday Shopping in 2017

5 Things: Avoiding Unnecessary Student Loan Debt

In 2014, 7 out of every 10 college students graduated with student loan debt. What’s worse is they had accrued on average more than $33,000 in debt. As this rises, so do delinquent payments. According to a newly released report by the New York Federal Reserve, more than 11% of student loans are 90 days…

Student Loan Debt

5 Things: Protecting Your Identity

You’ve heard about the danger of identity theft and the importance of protecting your social security number, banking information and other personal information. But you may not be aware of how easy it is for thieves to obtain this information. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft was the top consumer complaint in…

Protecting Your Identity

5 Things: Budgeting for the Holidays

With the holiday season just around the corner, putting money back is key to avoiding the stress. While budgeting for the holidays is a year around chore, creating a budget and saving today will prepare you for the holiday season. Here are five simple steps you can take to save money for the holidays. 1.…

Budgeting for the Holidays

Our Top 3 New Year’s Money Resolutions

It’s a New Year, a clean slate. It’s the time of year when we evaluate where we’ve been in life and the direction we want to take for a successful future. It’s the time to make lists and compile resolutions. We resolve to improve our minds and our bodies, but sometimes forget about our financial…

New Year's Resolutions List