Skip-A-Pay 2022

CFCU’s Holiday Skip-A-Pay* is now available through digital banking for members with eligible loans. This feature makes it easier than ever for qualifying members to take advantage of Skip-A-Pay.

We’ve put together a few quick tips and reminders to help adjust to the change from mailed forms to digital banking.

Getting Started

  1. You must sign in to Online Banking or the CFCU Mobile app to request Skip-A-Pay.
    1. If you are not a current digital banking user, you can register online or through the app.
  2. You can check your eligibility for Skip-A-Pay within digital banking by selecting Skip-A-Pay from the menu and scrolling down to the loans listed on the Skip-A-Pay page.
    1. Eligible = This loan payment can be skipped.
    2. Ineligible = This loan payment cannot be skipped.
    3. Skipped = This loan payment was skipped recently and cannot be skipped again.
  3. You’ll need at least $30 available in your CFCU Share (Savings) or CFCU Checking account to pay the Skip-A-Pay fee for each eligible loan you intend to skip.
    1. If you don’t have $30 available, you can make an external transfer or mobile deposit to your CFCU Share (Savings) or Checking account and process the Skip-A-Pay request(s) once funds are available.
      1. Video: Add an External Transfer Account
      2. Video: Make a Mobile Deposit
    2. Do not make the $30 transfer for the Skip-A-Pay fee to your loan account(s). The fee amount must be available in a deposit account at CFCU for your request to be processed.

Requesting Skip-A-Pay

  1. Sign in to Online Banking or the CFCU Mobile app.
  2. From the menu, select Skip-A-Pay.
  3. Read the informational text and scroll down to your eligible loan types.
  4. Next to the loan payment you wish to skip, click the Skip button (online) or tap on the name of your eligible loan (app).
  5. Select a funding account to pay the Skip-A-Pay fee from.
  6. Review the disclosure and check the box next to “I Agree” then click Submit (online) or tap the “Accept” text in the top right-hand corner, to the left of the chat icon (app).
  7. Receive a confirmation message.

If you need assistance with Skip-A-Pay, please contact us.

Disclosure: All offers subject to credit union approval. Please sign in to CFCU digital banking to check the eligibility of your loan(s) and review the full disclosure. Skip requests must be sent through CFCU digital banking by 12/302022. There is a processing fee of $30 for each loan. 

This deferral will extend the maturity of the loan beyond the scheduled maturity date. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance and the final payment may be larger than originally disclosed due to the additional interest. Any applicable credit insurance on closed end loans will not extend beyond the original date of the contract.

Electronic Payments & External Transfers: If you have set up your loan payment to be made electronically either through CFCU digital banking, bill pay or through another financial institution, you will need to cancel your scheduled payment in addition to submitting your Skip-A-Pay request. We cannot suspend payments that you have initiated.