New Year's Money Resolutions

A New Year and a Fresh Start!

A New Year means a new chance to set and reach your goals and resolutions, right? Make 2018 a success with a few of our top financial tips.

Start a Rainy Day Fund

Did you know that the majority of Americans don’t have enough money in their savings to last beyond a few paychecks? That’s why your number one goal this year should be to start a savings fund. Make a goal to save for an upcoming vacation, purchase or just have an emergency fund for when you need it. It’s easy to set up automatic transfers to your savings from your CFCU checking account. Just login, click on transfers and set up a re-occurring transfer to your savings account. It can be monthly, weekly or however often you want to set up the transfer. Just set it and then forget. In no time at all, your savings will multiply!

If you’re already a savvy saver, be sure to check out all of the sweet savings products offered by CFCU to help grow your money! Learn more >>

Go Digital

Take your banking experience to the next level when you go digital with electronic statements and mobile banking. Sign up for eStatement and download our mobile app. Ditch the paper and put the power of banking in the palm of your hands. Plus, it gives you the power to see your accounts and know exactly how much you have 24×7!

How to Sign up for eStatements:

Login to your online banking dashboard. Select your account tile and the click the ‘online statements’ link in the top right hand menu. In a few easy steps you’ll be able to ditch the paper and access your statements online at your convenience.

How to get the Mobile app:

Our mobile app is nifty! Easily check your balances, transfer funds and remotely deposit checks for free. Learn more about the perks of mobile banking >>

Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play

Create and Stick to a Budget

Tracking your spending for a month. You might be surprised how much extra money you could save with a little planning and discipline. Budgeting helps you stay on keep your financial goals and save money for the things you need. CFCU also offers a powerful budgeting tool, Trends, through online banking. You can use Trends to set budgets and even aggregate accounts you have with most other financial institutions or brokerages, giving you access to your entire financial portfolio in one place! Visit our blog to read more of our top budgeting tips >>